Neidhart-Nithart-Nithard etc...

Old spellings from year 400 to 1400

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This is only an extract  of the work done by Roger Neidhart. His research covers chiefly Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to the various spellings of the name, he also included  family coats of arms. The whole work contains over 400 pages of which only a few are shown here.

Roger found my site on Internet. Since then we communicate in English.

For the time being, some of his work will be on this website. We may possibly have the same ancestors.

If you want to know more about the NEIDHART , please contact Roger, preferably in German or English.

His address:

Roger NEIDHART - Duerstelenstr 39,   CH- 8335 HITTNAU  (enlever "xy: mesure anti spam!)